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Transformers are a fixed device that is specialized in increasing the voltage of AC supply, in addition to the current. Or it is in the coma. Simply put, the transformer is an electronic device that is input.  The output will also be electric power, but there will be no wire transformer construction.

Transformer Construction

Transformer Construction is usually composed of the specified parts.

• Tank
• Core
• Winding
• Transformers Well
• Conservative
• Breeder
• Tap Changer
• Buchholz Rele
• Radiator and the cooling tube
• Bushing
• Drain Valve
• Expulsion Vent
• Earth Point and others.


The transformer tank is a cylinder-shaped vessel made of steel. The core and the wanding are located between it. The transformers tank contains a type of oil that contains the winding and core. The tank is covered with a climate-resistant gasket. The core is locked with the tank floor.


Transformers’ core works as a spirit. It is a magnet iced for the flux flow. It also serves as a relief path. The frame of the steel that is in the winding is called the core. Magnetic flax produced on the primary side can easily be associated with secondary use by using steel cores. The core is composed of laminated lower or steel plates in many ways. Each plate is covered by thin insulation or burnish.

The main reason for the use of metal plates is its magnetic penetration and relatively low hysteresis loss. The ad current loss is less for using laminated sheets. The core structure depends on a variety of factors (such as voltage, current, frequency)

The range of the core is proportional to copper loss and the busy iron loss. The core is less than the iron. As a result, core loss decreases and copper loss increases.



Transformers are mainly composed of two weldings. Primary and secondary winding. Usually, the coil is made with super enamel copper wire. These two winds do not have any electrical combinations but are magnetically connected.
Primary wanding is usually connected to supply and secondary washing is associated with the lad.

These two windings are associated with two opposite halves of the magnetic core. These coils are locked in a well-connected one from each other and from the core so that they do not connect to each other. The difference between the voltage of primary and secondary winning depends on the number of p.p. and secondary winning (Ns).

The one who increases voltage in the transformer secondary is called a step-up transformer. Step-up transformers have more than the number of secondary coils in the primary coil pack. And that. Transformerreduces voltage as a step-down transformer. Step Down Transformer Secondary Coil Pack number is less than the number of the primary coil.


Transformers Well:
A type of mineral oil is used in tanks and conservators. This is usually for the issue and | The winding is used to keep the cold.


Transformer oil is stored in the conservatory. It is a wind-free metal cylinder-shaped drum that is attached to the transformer. The conservator is holding a corner so that no external material can enter. The height of the conservator’s oil is usually kept at half the height of the conservatory so that the temperature increases and the oil volume increases.

The other end of the conservatory. The main tank of the transformer is connected to the pipe. The size of the transformer oil decreases as the oil is heated and cooled. A type of drum is used on tanks to solve the problem of over-com. This drum is called the Conservators.



Breeder The oil in the under transformer uses the moisture. The pressure on the conservator increased as the temperature increased. To reduce this pressure, the tank is not used to blow the air. It is the work of the breeder to keep this air free from the water.

A container of the shape of a cylinder of the bride. Silica is in prison. This silica gel is used to treat the air humidity. The size of the transformer oil decreases as the oil is heated and cooled. A type of drum is used on tanks to solve the problem of over-com. This drum is called the Conservator.


Tap Changer:
The output voltage of the transformer usually depends on the input voltage and lead. The transformer output decreases in the lead and the transformer output increases if the lev is not available. A tap changer is used to control changes in this voltage. Tap changers can be two types of on-led or off-lad.

Bukhalaj Relay is a protective device used to extract the internal fault of the transformer. The transformer that is immersed in the winding oil can only be used in the bulge relay. It is connected to the main tank and the conservator in the conjugate pipe. If there is an internal fault in the transformer

Tap Changer
Tap Changer

Radiator and the cooling tube:
Radiators were used to cool the transformer oil. Transformers have a lot of cooling tubes on their backs. As the oil temperature rises, the hot oil rises above the tank and flows from top to bottom through the cooling tube. Cooling tubes are in contact with the air and cool the oil by heating the oil. The cooling system can be two types of oil-based on how it flows:

1. Natural Cooling System: Transformers well flows through the cooling tube itself.
2. Forced Cooling System: A separate pump is used for the flow of transformer oil.



The terminals of the winder used in the transformer are brought out of the tank by a bushing. This is the bushing. This connects the primary coil AC source and the secondary coil to the lade. The bushes are tall, Chinese-made dry insulators that are placed on the head of the transformer construction tank.

Two types of transformers. The bushing is used:
1. Hi-Voltage Bushing.
2. Law Valdez Bushing


Drain Valve:
Transformer oil is extracted from the tank for refuel or testing through a drain coke. The pipe transformer of the Drain Valve is connected by a sling. This is the valve hall. Special types of keys are used for shape and shape.


Expansion Vent:

The transformer’s head is called the Expulsion Vent, which is the one that is in the pipe in the aluminum diaphragm. The transformer is a major error, so the tank is under pressure. The expansion vent is used.


Pressure Relief Is Good:

Pressure relief valves are used to reduce the pressure that is caused by transformer errors. It is mounted on a hearing-controlled device and transformer main tank. When internal pressure increases, it helps to open up and get extra pressure out. Transformers Math.


Earth Point:

The body has two Earth points to protect the transformer from various accidents. This Earth point is connected to two piles of earth.


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