The Well plc programming basics for Beginner Student

Plc Programming Basics

The world is spreading with technology, It’s been a long time. Technology has developed. Technology has reached almost all fields from agriculture to agriculture. Similarly, technology has had a huge impact on the industry. The industry will come to The Earth with automation. Many of us know about plc programming basics.


Its English means automatically or automatically. Now, most of the industry uses automation devices, which make the performance of the work very well and reduce the cost of production. PLC is a very important issue for students who study electronics.


Because there is a job in the industry with PLC, even though it’s very easy. Also, anyone can learn PLC if they want. If you want to build your career on PLC, you should know the details about PLC very well.


If you want to learn PLC, this post (PLC Asitgroups) is very important to you. Before learning PLC, there should be a clear understanding of some common issues that this article has tried to cover.

Automation in the industry means that two devices are named after you first,

  • 1/ Microcontroller
  • 2/ PLC

We have discussed the microcontroller in detail before. We will be direct in the first episode of THE PLC today.


Talk about Plc and PLC

PLC full name programmable Logic Controller. It is a device that can easily control other devices. It is a type of industrial computer control system that will make a resolution with input s/he depends on the custom program and output control You’ll do it.

PLC is usually composed of microprocessors that have to be pre-packaged with computer support. The program is mainly written in computer software and is used to be used by cables to be used in PLC. We will discuss this in detail below. Best Tips for plc programming basics.


Why is PLC used more than a microcontroller?


  • PLC is much more expensive than microcontrollers, but still, the plc is used for whatever reasons.
  • PLC’s input-output capacity is much higher than microcontrollers.
  • Additional or external modules in PLC increase input-output.
  • Compared to microcontrollers, PLC may have a single processor and CPU that are not usually in microcontrollers.
  • Plc’s processing capacity is much higher and faster than a microcontroller.
  • A device in PLC can be changed quickly when it is damaged.
  • It’s easy to program plc.
  • Microcontrollers do not have a display unit with a display unit in PLC.
  • PLC The display unit can monitor the work; Microcontroller does not have display unit The display can be installed separately in the process.
  • The PLC operation has no effect on temperature changes, dust, humidity, etc.
  • Where microcontrollers have a lot of influence on these things.
  • PLC can work with high voltage where microcontrollers work in high voltage It’s a lot of trouble.

Another important difference is that the program for microcontrollers is followed by a pre-program but the work can be done quickly and easily with the leader diagram at PLC.



Where is THE PLC used?

We know that PLC is a digital computer used to control the equipment used in various factories. Any machine is used in the fields of automation, nuclear power generation plants, chemical industries, automated industries, ham automation, etc.


PLC is known for its popular brands.

Currently, the PLC of various companies is on the market. But some of these are known plc lists below.

  • Delta PLC
  • Allen Forget
  • Mitsubishi
  • LG
  • Medicon
  • Siemens
  • Toshiba

Among them is the most famous of them, “Siemens”. I personally saw Siemens working in most places.


Details about PLC Pin Diagram

Whatever the plc and microcontroller don’t talk about, they all have input-output pins. There will also be a power supply part to activate the device.

The above image identified various parts of Siemens PLC. This PLC has to supply power. Between 115 and 240 volts in AC or DC. You need to connect the fez or positive and the n to the neutral.

There are eight digital input pins on the mat from 1 to 18. This input is used as a limit switch, photodetector, push switch, timer, circuit breaker, etc. Also, i7 and 18 pins can be used as Universal input.

This module has four output pins. Output ranges from Q1 to 24. Output pins. Basically, it works like a switch. They are open and closed in different conditions.

  1. Plc output pin in the hall. Like this image, the PLC has to be attached to The Love. Output device name: motor, light, alarm, valve, control relay, etc.
  • PLC has a monitor to monitor the work.
  • There are buttons next to the PLC that can provide different commands.
  • If the ladder logic or the program is too large, it can be credited to the SD card.

The biggest advantage of plc programming basics is that it can use the external module. This increases the input-output shown in the following picture.

How does PLC work?

PLC is a type of microcontroller-based control system. It contains a program able memory that stores various types of injections. It is used to perform the activities of arithmetic, sequencing, timing, etc.

Plc work depends on the first step of the input signal being sent through the leader diagram and the second step of the output signal will be processed. Other devices with’s easy to control.

PLC has three main sections:

  1. Power supply
  2. Input/Output
  3. Central Processing Unit


Power supply

PLC will need the power to activate. The main function of the power supply is to provide transient power to the input, CPU, and output. And one more thing, it must have Earthing. If not economizing, the program may not run properly and may even be deleted.

In the case of different PLC, the transient power may be less. For example, there are many PLCs that operate from 5V to 20V AC / VC to operate. There are many PLCs that can only be operated on DC 25 Volts.



  • ¬†Input

There are different types of information provided here. The input device is sent to different parts of the output device according to the leader diagram. Input usually sends information to the Central Processing Unit, a variety of switches, sensors, temperature information, variable voltage, etc.


Central Processing Unit

Input information is sent to different parts of the output device according to the leader diagram. Also, some of the information you have received from the input device may be collected according to the CPU diagram.


  • Output

The information from central processing is sent to the machine by relay switch and the machine works accordingly. The machine provides re-input information through other devices, including sensors, and thus the cycle Automatic running.


Well, let’s take a look at the whole process

First, the PLC needs to be activated with the power of the provision. Switches, sensors, etc. are used as the input of plc. If you find a signal in the sensor or switch input, the information will go to the CPU. The leader diagram in the CPU will control output (motor, lights, etc).


What to know about PLC program?

Let’s start with an example if your father tells you that you have to pay the electricity bill this month before 10th, you will pay the electricity bill right before 10. If you are told to pay the electricity bill on the 12th, you will be able to pay the electricity bill on the 12th.

It’s clear from here that you’re doing the job after you’ve given an instruction. The PLC has to explain what you want to do with it.

We already have some common things about PLC. Now we’ll know how to pre-program the PLC and some methods.


  1. PLC Pre-programming Software
  2. PLC CPU
  3. Computer
  4. Communication Cable


  • PLC Pre-programming software

First, you need to be sure which brand you use PLC. Then you have to install PLC software on pcs. If you work with Siemens PLC, you can download and install the logo software.

However, SIMATIC STEP 7 software is the most commonly used software in the industry and is popular. But it’s best to start with logo software to learn the basics. How to install software will be discussed in the next text.



In PLC CPU you can’t increase the external input-output if you want. You can use 36 inputs and 24 outputs but you need more input and output, so you can use the external module and it’s very easy. But in all PLC cases, you can’t extend input and output if you want. An extension scan is possible in modular PLC. That is, one compact PLC and the other modular PLC.


In the present era, most computer users use minimum Windos7. However, Siemens | Loga software runs very well from Windows XP to Windows 10. Loge software can be used for Windows 0s, Ubuntu 0s, Mac 05.


  • Communication Cable

It is best to use a good quality cable and converter for PLC. Because there are different cables available in the market that don’t work properly. This is why plc programming basics Communications Cable PLC should be taken from the company. Though the cables are very expensive.

I’ll try to write more. Until then, everyone will be well


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