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Computer hardware components

Computing, the hardware takes place, and it means all the physical, real elements. Unlike software that can be viewed and touched by programs, hardware, and computers that are required to run the computer. All computers, desktops or laptops, there are some common hardware elements,

Only the difference is the size and power of the difference. On desktop computers, tower casings contain internal elements such as hard disks, rams, motherboards, and optical drives, while peripheral devices such as monitors, keyboards, and mouse are external elements.

What is computer hardware? 

Friends, most of you are using a computer and laptop almost every day in your home, school or office. But, do you know that this computer has two parts. One hardware and other software.

Computer hardware: Hardware is a part of the computer that we can see with our own eyes and also physically catch it with our hands. For example, a computer’s CPU, mouse, keyboard or monitor, all of these are computer hardware that we can see and touch with our hands.

In addition, computer hardware can also be called the various electronic components in the CPU. For example, different Ics, circuit boards or other types of electronic parts or components.

This is why hardware is called “HARD” because it is hard or hard to change or modify the hardware. And, on the other hand, the software is called “Soft” because it’s easier to change software or update.


The correct software is required to make hardware work correctly. Any commands or instructions that are edited in hardware are directed by its software. To be fair, hardware must first be given instructions by software to make it work.

For example:

If you want to listen to music on your computer, the speaker won’t play the song on its own. First, you need to play any song, a video or audio player software (VLC, Gom player, Windows media player).

Only then, the song can be heard on your audio device or speaker (which is hardware). The correct combination of hardware and software creates a computing system.

How many types of hardware?

If you talk about your computer and laptop, both devices are almost the same and both can be used for the same type of hardware. The only difference is that the different hardware parts of the laptop are all together but are different on desktop computers.


Different types of computer hardware:

In fact, there are different types of hardware. And, it’s not good to talk about all the bullets together. So, below, I’ll tell you about some of the hardware that is required and easily seen on any computer.


First I’ll talk about some computer hardware components below, which you can see inside a computer.


1. Motherboard: This computer motherboard is inside your system’s CPU cabinet. And, the motherboard is the circuit board of computers with all sorts of emergency components. And various other hardware components have to be connected here by a connector.


2. Central Processing Unit (CPU): CPU or central processing unit is called a brain ball of a computer. CPU is a key and important part of a computer.

Cpu stand is done on the computer with all kinds of low or process. This CPU is sometimes called “Processor”. And, a computer is installed on the “motherboard” CPU.


3. Random Access Memory (RAM): RAM, whose full name, random access memory, is a type of physical hardware that is fitted to the computer’s motherboard.

RAM’s job is to temporarily save the various programs and data that are currently being completed on the computer. The more RAM you have on your computer, the higher the computer’s performance and speed.


4. Power supply unit (PSU): Power supply (PSU) or SMPS is the type of hardware that is inside your computer’s cabinet, which is impossible to start if you don’t. Because a power supply or SMPS provides electrical power to all the different parts of the computer and motherboard.


5. Hard drive/disk: A hard drive is the computer’s storage system. I mean, the files, games, movies, data we store on the computer are stored in hard disk or hard drive. A hard drive is the computer’s storage system.

I mean, the files, games, movies, data we store on the computer are stored in hard disk or hard drive. Therefore, a hard disk is called a computer storage system. A hard disk can be of different sizes. For example, 160 GB, 320GB, 500GB or 1 TB.


6. Optical Drive: Optical drive is the task of storing data or files in storage or hard drive on a computer. For example, with a DVD or CD drive, we can collect different data or files by inserting a CD or DVD disc on the computer.

This type of hardware or optical drive was used in a lot of advances. But, currently, it is being replaced by a pen-drive or USB flash drive.


7.GPU (Graphics card): This type of “internal computer hardware” is used to improve the quality of computer graphics and display. A good GPU (graphics processing unit) can improve the quality of your system’s images, videos, animation s/he graphics.

Your computer’s motherboard has a graphic card slot, where you can apply a graphic card of a different quality. In fact, internal graphics are already provided with the CPU. But the quality of those built graphics is not very good.


Some external hardware devices on the computer

Now I’ll tell you about some of the external hardware devices on your computer. These external hardware shots, we have to separate lye from the outside to the CPU.


1. Keyboard & mouse: We all know about Keyboard and Mouse. These are two external hardware that is impossible to use without a computer or laptop.  We can write text or other characters in different programs when using keyboards on a computer. The mouse is great external hardware that can be called a “pointer”.  The mouse has to operate with its own hands. To shoot, control and command programs, you must use a hardware component called a mouse.


2. Monitor (display unit): Using Computer monitors, we can see all kinds of output steam on our computers. I mean, let’s say we’re editing a video on a computer or doing some work in MS Excel. If we can’t see the process of our work, how do we work? So, using a monitor allows us to see all the processes that we do through our computer programs. The structure and function of the monitor are almost like TV.


3. Speakers: Speakers are an output device on a computer that is external hardware. And, these speakers help us hear the sound while listening to music, watching videos or playing games.


4. Printers: With printers, data output is a much easier and faster process.


5. External flash drive: A flash drive is a kind of storage device that works like a hard disc to move to a small and easy place. A hard drive is plugged into the computer’s CPU and cannot be moved from its location.


What is the hardware upgrade?

When different hardware parts on our computers are damaged or the hardware is replaced with less power and new hardware is added to the power, this process is called “Hardware Upgrade”. Hardware upgrades, most people do increase their computer performance, speed, and ability.

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