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Top 10 Mini Projector under 100 USD

The sky-kissing buildings on the television are also 12 inches away, but we still love to enjoy it But if television pictures were to be seen on the walls of the big scale, TV best mini projector under 100 would have done exactly that.

Even if the images of our lives are clearly visible on the television screen, television and real life are completely different.

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It helps to make the pictures from traditional television 5-7 times or larger, making the video and movies more engaging. It is widely used not only to enjoy movies at home but also to business meetings, schools, college lectures.


The old CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) TV or today’s LCD HD TV provides a lot of quality picture quality but they have a limit of size.

If hundreds of people in a large room are trying to show the same picture at the same time, the projector has no choice.

The diameter can be seen as a giant image by connecting a DVD player, computer, or any video source. But how does it work? What are the technologies behind it? Let’s get to the details:


Projector best mini projector under 100:

Many of the favorite games as a child are trying to catch the shadows below, and I’m not the exception. I had a strange thought about my shadow on the wall, and that was the basic point of the Best Projector.


That is, we have seen the Projectionist we have no knowledge. If you have a light source and you have an object in front of it, an image of that object will go over the wall.

Today, we are not only using projectors but also in various ways from ancient work.


We can also create animations by placing the object in front of the light and shadowing it on the wall and moving the object. This is the main mantra of the Projector.

Although the color presentation and picture quality of CRT TV is very good, the biggest problem is that CRT screens can be built up to the top 40 inches.


And that’s why the projector needs to be built; Here, rather than using direct-view technology like TV, small pictures are created and the picture is shown with large light beams.


Projection Type best mini projector under 100:

Projection is mainly seen in two main types; A “front projection” is another “back projection”. If the light is behind you and the screen is in front of you, and this is how image creation is done,

Front projection. Such projection requires a projector and screen and a projector’s position in front of the screen.


Also, it is possible to use a different method to make a project. Back projection works like a full-fledged traditional TV.  Here, the screen is not light and creates a light behind the screen, which the audience in front of the screen can enjoy.

“Just as all TV technologies work in different ways, different projector technologies work in different ways. Let’s find out the differences below”.


1) CRT Projector

2) LCD Projector

3) DLP Projector


CRT Projector: This is the first technology projector to work like a fully-traditional CRT TV, but you can compare it to a very powerful TV.

There are light beams like TV, but bigger in size. Three different color beams light up to create images on green, red, and blue screens.


All the light points are combined and create a full-color image on the screen. But this kind of project is large in size, which is not entirely portable but can provide more color and picture quality than other projects.


But it costs a lot more electricity. However, although it is a very old technology projection system, it is still capable of working with current HD TV, Blu-ray player, DVD player.



LCD Projector:  Just as LCD television has ended the CRT TV days after its arrival, so is the projector. LCD screens are cheap, thin, low-power, and are very bright.  Electric currents can change the liquid crystal’s app.


And this feature turns their lights into a valve —the different amounts of the currents provide the crystals in the middle of the scale.  The LCD projector has a small LCD screen inside which the image is created.


And a large magnifying lens is placed in front of the screen, which increases the size of the small screen picture and creates a large image on the wall.

An LCD projector is portable enough, so it is very useful to carry and use at home. But the color quality is lower quality than the CRT projector, but it is not a big deal for home use.


DLP Projector: This DLP projector, which is made up of a microchip called Digital Microcosmic Division or DMD; Which is also the primitive tech of the late-last LCD projector after its emergence.


It has a rectangular chip division with two million microscopic mirrors. Just as the computer processor is made up of chip transistors, so is The DMD mirror.

A bright light illuminates this DMD chip and continuously shakes an electronic circuit mirror.


We know that when the light is moved by a mirror, the mirror captures the light and the light is reflected. Just as we used to play with the mirror as a child reflected the sunlight.

The two million small mirror pixels in the chip work and the image is created on the screen by conducting different color lights in the middle of it.


If the light is not driven through a mirror, it is dark and is used as a black pixel.  2 Million pixels combined to create a high-resolution image. It can also project screens from DVDs, Blu-ray players, computers, or any video source.



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