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Best electric toothbrush for braces

After a few hours of searching and comparing up to 30 models, we were able to select 4 best electric toothbrushes, including the Oral-B Smart 6 6000N that presents the best quality/value ratio at the moment. Best tips for Best electric toothbrush for braces.

Thanks to its numerous brushing modes and multiple functions, this versatile toothbrush has become our favorite choice.

Why do we believe it?

The editorial team of Silicon spends thousands of hours analyzing and comparing products to choose the best quality/value ratio.


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How did we select an electric toothbrush?

Electric toothbrushes have become very popular for their functionality. As a result, today we can find hosts of different models and functions, so the final choice will be difficult. So, we’ll help you clear things.

First, there are two types of electric toothbrushes in the market that need to be specified:

  • Rotating: These are usually more affordable and work with rotation. They are present with simple rotations (full brushes and/or bristles themselves); With swings and rotations (to lower the dental plant well); And against the swing (the bridges are rotated in different directions at the same time).


  • Sonic or Ultrasound: Vibrate at different speeds and frequencies to help remove dental plaques, these models provide a grip like a manual toothbrush. In addition, they are usually more expensive than rotating models.


With the first list of about 30 models available on the market, we have begun to improve our selection for the following criteria:

  • Electric brushes are the main: small and circular smaller ones are most recommended since they allow them to reach the most remote places. Extended heads are like classic brushes, but they are more difficult to handle when brushing.
  • Strength: Although the effectiveness of the electric toothbrush further depends on the fact that it reproduces the correct gesture performed when brushing the teeth (the spinning movement) is less than its strength, a strict minimum is required. It’s too dangerous to explore the effects of a very pronounced brush, the brushing must be smooth.
  • Autonomy and charging time: Although most users store their toothbrushes directly at the charging station, it will be able to withstand a week’s operation without recharging.
  • Ergonomic: Because of the vibrations of specific models of brushes, sometimes the paste falls or we can’t hold it as we do, so, find models with non-slip support that gives a good grip on the device.
  • Noise: They make a little noise, some models even too much and are effective but they make their use unpleasant.

After that, we reviewed other options that optimize the use and functionality of brushing:

  • The number of compatible brushes: Generally, big brands offer suitable products, for example, this allows you to change the brush and choose between soft or stiff bristles.
  • Pressure sensor: You don’t need to brush your teeth too hard to remove the dental plaque. To avoid forcing the device, some models compress the pressure sensor that warns you if you are using it very aggressively.
  • A timer: For the perfect dental hygiene, some models include a timer that shows the time to brush to comply.
  • Adjusting the intensity of the brushing: If you want to control the power of the brushing, it is better to choose a model that lets you do it.
  • Different brushing modes: To fit each type of tooth, some models offer methods of brushing teeth (and even tongue).
  • Bluetooth technology: Some high-end models allow you to connect to other devices like smartphones. You can also follow the evolution of dental cleaning among other uses.

After analyzing these ideas, we look at both the brush and the head. Some manufacturers voluntarily reduce the price of electric toothbrushes, but the price of the exchangeable head significantly increases. We’ve taken some time.


To make our final selection more clear, we collect information on specialized websites and also users’ and experts’ opinions and criticisms.


In short, this fine analysis allows us to select four electric toothbrushes that, in our opinion, provide the best quality/value ratio at the moment.


PD. : You need a good toothpaste to brush well, right?

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